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Welcome to BPORE

Real Estate Professionals:
Foreclosures are everywhere now and will be for years!

REO/Asset Managers and Asset Management Companies are constantly in need of Broker Price Opinions.

We contact via First Class US Mail on a monthly basis most of the lenders who are taking back properties in foreclosure, both during, before and after the sale notifying them of YOU and our site.
No referral fees are due, ever!
You will deal direct with REO and Asset Managers
We contact all REO and Asset Management companies on a monthly basis and inform them of the agents on is for Realtors® who are able and proficient in performing BPO's
BPO's typically lead to a listing if the property is taken back by the lender.
Let the REO/Asset Managers find you and deal direct with them!

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REO/Asset Managers:

The agents listed on this site pay a yearly fee.
We ask nothing in return but to use these agents whenever possible.

Realtors® listed on this site are proficient in handling BPO's and REO's, the number of BPO's they can handle per month and zip codes they service in addition to all of their contact information are listed on our search pages.

Please watch your regular mail monthly for our flyer!


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